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How do you stand out from all the other reps who are selling the same products and services as you? Their website looks like yours, They're offering the same terms as you. They have the same stock availability... They're using the same sales methods taught by your company, the same product images and language to sell products and services. How can you stand out from the crowd when everything is the same?

The answer is, you don't.  I know that answer is surprising to most people. But the answer is that you don't even try to stand out by using the same stuff that other people are doing. 

The way to stand out from the sea of reps is to step out of the crowd, and create your own unique identity. You have to strike out on your own, forge your own path. You have to create a unique identity that brings real value to your prospects and customers that will make them clamor to work with you over your competitors.  Of course you have to stay within the boundaries set by your company, but without a unique identity your prospects can buy "products" from any of your competitors. Without a unique identity, you are just a means to an end, a product peddler.  And if your pricing is the same, you will be as valuable as your ability to advertise discounts. 

The reps who figure out that they need a unique identity are the reps who have the most customers the largest sales, and they are the ones quickly moving up through the ranks in any company.

Did you know that a high percentage (some say 90%) of most internet businesses fail? The reason many internet businesses fail is because many, probably the majority of people with an internet business don't know how to use the internet to sell products and services. They think that all they have to do is put up a website, blast a message all over social media and let the magic begin. 

Unfortunately, they learn the hard way that there's more to having an online business than slapping up a website. They also learn that there is a difference between social media for personal activities versus social media for business.  It takes a great product, great service, an efficient sales, marketing, customer service and distribution process, the right tools and knowledge to launch and run a great online business. 

There are any number of reasons why specific businesses fail.  Some of the big ones (my opinion) are thinking that you can get rich quick without putting the time and resources, failing to plan, using outdated sales methods, a lack of persistence, an unwillingness to learn and grow, and no way to track and measure what works.

So the take away is that you need the right things going on inside (mindset) and the right resources working for you on the outside (tools and resources) to make your business thrive.  There are many details that attribute to business failure, but most of it falls under the category of a lack of preparation.

If you are with an established company, as an affiliate, network marketer, or direct salesperson, your company more than likely provides the products, and some form of customer service and distribution.  But they leave it to you to handle sales and marketing.  Many of them will even give you a free website. 

Because of technology, it's never been a better time to build an online business. The problem is that most people are so anxious about getting their commission, that they don't take time to learn about internet marketing.  So they run out and do all the wrong things, receiving mediocre results.

You've reached the right place if you are ready to jump start your business.  We will introduce you to the right internet marketing training that will enable you to use the right tools and resources to set your business on the right path.  It doesn't matter if you are in network marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing or eCommerce.  It's time to stop struggling and harness the power of the Internet to connect with more people who are actually looking for what you're selling.

In Person vs. Online Sales Strategies

In person sales strategies are not a good fit for everyone.  For example, phone calls to friends and family, reaching out to your warm market, coffee meetings, handing out flyers, and direct mail are not as effective as they used to be with many prospects.

Home parties, networking events and hotel meetings are restricted to local markets, unless you want to do a lot of traveling.  They require an outlay of time and money to travel if you go outside your local area, to make your events fun and engaging, you might need to buy products to sample and demo, marketing materials, food and giveaways which requires an additional outlay of cash.  This would be great if you are able to recoup your expense by selling a lot of products. However many times this is not the case, you can end up losing money.

Of course, these are great methods to use when you're just starting out and you want to hit the ground running in your business. It gives new reps the ability to have some early successes early on.  The only problem is these methods don't work for everyone and they are not easily duplicated.

With in person sales strategies, a lot depends on your personality, your circle of friends and contact as well as your ability and willingness to approach unfamiliar people with your message.  Because they are strangers, you have no idea what they like, what their issues are and how your product or service can solve it.  You end up talking to unsuspecting people many times when they are in the middle of something else, who may feel pressured to meet with you.  Depending on your presentation skills, and their willingness to listen, there will be people who don't get what you're trying to convey.  Then there are those potential customers who are not in the market for what you're selling and/or just aren't interested.

Technology Has Changed the Way People Shop

The reason in person methods aren't as effective as they used to be, is that today's consumers want to do the approaching, not the other way around.  Many of them shop, research and make buying decisions online using smart phones, tablets and laptops, many times before contacting a sales rep.  Frequently, they don't consult a sales rep at all, they just go online and make a purchase.  So if you're not online or you're relying only on your company's replicated website you may be at a disadvantage. You'll learn more about that later in the article.

If Shoppers Have Changed... You Might Want to Think About Changing Too!

Even if you love home parties and attending networking events, why not earn even more by incorporating automation for lead generation and follow up? It doesn't mean you can never have another home party, it just means you will be able to reach more people in less time. Wouldn't that be a good thing?

According to the chart on the left from the Direct Sales Association, in 2015, most direct sellers used person to person and party plan sales strategies.  Only a very small number (7% in 2013, 6.1% in 2014 and 8.6% in 2015) used "other" sales strategies to generate sales.  They didn't elaborate on what the category "other" includes, but I would guess that it includes those who used technology to gather leads and convert sales.  That means that most of your competitors are playing it safe generating sales one-by-one or by hosting home parties.  Both of these methods are labor intensive and produce limited amounts of income. 

If you're struggling with your business, why not try something different?  Maybe invest the money you would spend on home parties, in learning to automate your business to reach even more people?  Imagine how much more you can make if you build a platform that will allow you to use that same imagination and creativity to create exceptional content for your prospects.  How would your customers feel about hearing from you on ways to make their lives better by using your products?

What Are Your Goals?

  • Do you want to leave your job and work from home full time? If so, how much income will you need to meet your expenses and support your desired lifestyle? Do you know how to create a business that will support your financial goals? If not use the training resources below to fill the educational gaps required to get your business off the ground.
  • Supplement your income. Don't wait on your boss to hand out a meager raise based on a small percentage of your income. Give yourself a raise.  Automating and going online has enabled some entrepreneurs to make as much in one month than they made in one year on a conventional job.  Automating your business may not provide results that great, but at a minimum, it will enable you to focus on other things like travel, hobbies or if you like continue working outside your home.  Earn passive income on auto-pilot while you sleep, work and focus on other things.  
  • Build your retirement nest egg, improve your home and/or pay college tuition and housing without incurring debt. Complete one time projects that would normally require loans and large outlays of cash by using your online business as a source of funding. Fund projects like home improvements, paying for holiday gifts, build your savings and more without incurring debt. 

What Strategy Will You Use to Reach Your Goals?

A strategy is just a plan.  Create an online strategy that is not dependent on a particular product, or company.  Create and build your brand, depending only on your preferred combination of products, services and ways of doing business.  Find the right mix that best suits your values, personality and style.  Make the transition from product pusher to solution provider and position yourself to be the "go to" person in your niche. Be the person your customers rely on for quality content and advice.   

Create multiple streams of income, don't put all your eggs in one basket

Test, tweak and evolve over time to reach personal & financial goals.

Create financial and time freedom doing what you love, from any location.

Multiple Income Streams
Centered Around Your Brand
Means Unlimited Potential!

Instead of making your network marketing, affiliate marketing or direct sales company front and center in the minds of your prospects, by branding your business, you make your company (brand) front and center in their minds.  This allows you to not only promote your network marketing, affiliate or direct sales company, you can promote your products or any other products of your choosing as you see fit. 

Generate multiple income streams and grow your brand to create your business empire.  Allow your business to evolve over time until you reach the income levels you want.  Your empire may not happen overnight, you will need to research, test, implement and retest your strategy until you find the right mix of products, services, technology and tools to get the results you want.

To create your plan, you'll need to get organized, determine your goals, create a budget and map out how much time you'll be able to devote to your business.  You may decide to outsource skills you don't have time for and learn new skills.  If needed, get one or all of the training resources below so that you can crush the competition to create the earnings and lifestyle you want!

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Our Six Step Process

Here is our six step process for getting your business online and getting results. You may need to take all or only some of these steps to get your business up and running.  There is also suggested training, guides, and recommended tools that will help you with each step. 

To take the training modules, bookmark this page, stop to take the recommended training module, download the guide, video or worksheet, complete the exercise and come back to finish the process.  The training courses can be taken at your own pace. It's not a get rich quick scheme or a process where you can push a button and get instant results. It will take work. But at the end of the day, if it helps you reach your goals and improve your lifestyle, isn't it worth it?

Recommended Action: Get a journal or notebook that is dedicated to your internet marketing training and each time you take a course, for example reading an ebook or watch a video, take notes that you can refer to later on. Highlight areas that stand out to you.

Learn new skills to reach your personal and business goals!  Utilize the free and paid tools and training below to set your business up for success and crush the competition.   

  1. Create a Branded Business Blog -  Create a a blog that will provide a unique identity for your business that helps you to distinguish yourself from the sea of reps we talked about in the first part of this article.  This blog will serve as a "home base" for all your content. 

    Decide whether you want to brand yourself (blog as yourself) or brand a business entity (blog as a business or create a unique name that brands what you a blogging about) and get your domain name a hosting set up. Under recommended resources you'll see a link to our free video series that will show you how to set up a WordPress blog.

    Once your blog is set up, create a marketing plan.  As part of your marketing strategy, start communicating value based messages and advertising to your audience (including prospects, existing customers, people you speak to offline, etc) and provide a way for them to make a purchase, contact and join you in return. 

    If your company supplies you with a website that allows you to sell products, don't want to rely on that website to build leads or promote your business.  You only want to drive sales to that site to collect your commission.  You'll also need traffic to help you generate qualified leads.

    Recommended Resources: (1) Check out for sample marketing plans that you can use for ideas.  Take a look around their page to find models that cover most popular industries. (2) Watch Our Free Videos That Will Show You How to Build a Self Hosted WordPress Blog and (3) Sign up for Elite Marketing Pro's Free Traffic Generation Masterclass.
  2. Discover Your Ideal Customers - If you don't know who your ideal customers are, you'll have a hard time reaching and selling to them.  Your marketing will be like a moving target, only you'll never hit the target, you'll just be all over the place. 

    Learn as much as possible about them so that you'll be able to find them online, speak their language and address their needs with your products.

    If you have existing customers that you've established with your offline business, contact them and suggest that they sign up for your newsletter.  Or if you want to import them into your auto-responder, make sure to ask them for permission. Always make sure to invite them to your new blog with each correspondence.

    Recommended Resources: (1) Use Our Free Customer Profile and Product Worksheets to Identify Your Ideal Customers. 
  3. Promote Your Products - To start, select one or two of your favorite products or services from your sponsoring company. Make sure you have in-depth knowledge of the products you plan to sell. 

    If possible start off with products that you've used, love and would be enthusiastic about recommending to others. If you haven't used the product, place an order so that you can personally try it out for yourself. You'll always be more successful selling products you've used, know and love for yourself.

    Next create content for each of these products, for example a few ads (wording and graphics), a product review, video, and an article. You are probably wondering why so many different formats. You want your ideal customers to get the information in the way that works best for them. While they may not have time to read an article, they may take a look at a quick 2 minute video. Make it easy for customers to get the information in a variety of formats, and on a variety of platforms.

    Recommended Resources: (1) Take the Free Training on Social Marketing offered by Hootsuite (Hootsuite is a tool you can use to schedule your social posts) I don't think you have to sign up for Hootsuite to take the course.  By the way, we're not an affiliate of Hootsuite, but we've used it for a long time to schedule our posts, and  (2) Read the free ebook, 5 Winning Headline Formulas.
  4. Create Compelling Lead Magnets - This is part of your overall lead generation strategy and it should be at the top of your to-do list as soon as you get your blog set up.  Creating a great lead magnet is your first opportunity to provide value to your readers.  To encourage readers of your blog to sign up for your email list, create a compelling offer (freebie) that you'll offer in exchange for a prospect's email address.

    Lead magnets should be something of value that your customers and prospects can use, preferably related to your products and services. It can also be an aid, accessory or guide that will help them use your products.
    Use the guide in recommended resources to learn how to create great lead magnets.

    Recommended Resources:
    (1) Use the tips and strategies found in the free guide the 7-Step Lead Magnet Creation Guide where you'll learn to Create Compelling Lead Magnets and (2) Place Lead Generation at the Top of Your Priority List by taking the course The Ultimate Lead Generation System 2.0.

  5. The Fortune is in the Follow up - Have you ever heard that term? It's so true and its the primary way that entrepreneurs miss out on business building success.  Many business owners try to do this manually and as their business grows it becomes unmanageable.

    Many times business owners don't follow up late, they follow up with inappropriate information or they don't follow up at all.  When you're not following up, you're leaving money on the table, 

    Send your prospects valuable content (blog posts, how to guides, industry news, company news, product offers, more compelling offers, surveys, contests, affiliate products and more) to the people who have signed up for your email list.  Continue to build relationships and add value.

    Recommended Resources: (1) Take the course the Ultimate Email Profit Machine (Described Below) to create an automate follow up system like the one in the video at the beginning of this article.
  6. This is the fun part... Collecting your Commissions! Track your expenses and generate your income statements. See how well you're doing and note how your income increases as time passes by. Don't be discouraged if it fluctuates, as you learn more, you'll understand why you sell more during certain periods over others.

Have You Ever Heard the Phrase "The Fortune is in the Follow Up?" Well, It's True!

Getting the lead is half the battle. Converting leads into customers has everything to do with the follow up system used. As you saw in the video at the top of this article, you can follow up the hard way, or you can make your life easier with an automated system that does the heavy lifting for you.  

That's why we're introducing the Ultimate Email Profit Machine, a complete training package that shows you how to follow up with leads to generate more sales.  

Learn what to say when your visitors sign up to join your email list that will get them fired up and ready to move to the next level. Learn to build rapport that makes them comfortable and ready to not only make a purchase and give you rave reviews for word of mouth advertising. 

  1. Create profit on demand using the most important and highest paid skill in the world. 
  2. Learn to write riveting emails that make sales without using ANY hype at all.  
  3. Know exactly WHAT to say in your first autoresponder email to create an immediate connection… develop instant rapport… and build unshakable trust with your email list.
  4. Learn 15 strategies for emails and subject lines.
  5. Learn 5 proven subject line formulas you can use in any market. 
  6. Much, much more!

The Ultimate Email Profit Machine

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Get This Training Package for $47.00

"At first they will ask why you're doing it. Later they will ask how you did it."  Foundr