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Use a Video Marketing Strategy to Attract More Traffic and Leads

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Imagine creating your dream business and lifestyle, all through a super-simple and super-quick content creation process…that literally only takes a few minutes! If you're looking for an effective way to bring in more leads and more traffic to your website, take a look at video marketing.

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The tips below will help you create videos that will work for your business well into the future to bring in traffic and leads, the life blood of any online business.  Ensure that your videos will reach your ideal prospects to bring in more traffic, and convert leads into customers.

Planning: What Will You Talk About?

Planning includes selecting keywords and subject matter (content) that really resonates with your ideal prospects.  The videos with the best results will be those that solve your prospect's problems, challenges, worries, fears, hopes and dreams. Once you identify your prospects problems, think of how your product, service or business opportunity will help get resolution.

Select keywords that match the problems and solutions offered in your videos. Selecting the right keywords will make a significant improvement in your ability to reach your ideal prospects and rank your videos. The goal in choosing keywords is to target your audience and narrow down your focus.  When searching for keywords, think about what your audience is looking for, based on the problems outlined above.  Hop into the shoes of your ideal prospect and think of how they might search your what you're offering.

Keeping your keywords and your marketing message in sync will help your videos to rank.  To do this, make sure that you discuss your chosen keywords and keyword phrases throughout your video.  I know you're probably wondering how You Tube and Google know what you're saying in your videos. We're not sure, but videos that keep their keywords in sync with the video discussions seem to do much better. Go figure!

If you don't like getting in front of the camera. you're not comfortable in front of the camera, another option would be to use screen sharing software. With screen sharing software, you can demonstrate or narrate various topics to help your prospects solve problem. You don't have to be in front of the camera to be effective. After creating videos for a while, you may become more comfortable getting in front of the camera. ​

Creating Your Video: A Simple 4 Part Process

Introduction. Introduce yourself at the beginning of your video with your name and a quick overview of who you are and how your company helps your target audience.  If you have a tag line or slogan that you can use in your videos it will help your audience learn more about who you are and how you can help them.

Benefit Question. Give your audience a quick sentence or two that tells prospects what they will get from watching your video.  Ray Higdon defines this as your benefit question.  For example, a benefit question would be something like "Would generating 4-7 new leads each month help your business?"

Video Content. The content you discuss during your videos should focus on your ideal prospects. The purpose of your videos should be to solve a problem for your ideal prospects.  The more you help your prospects solve their problems, the more they will engage with your business. 

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Get to the point quickly in your videos. If you tend to go on an on in your videos take a look at The Simple Video Script Formula to learn how to create videos that are short, and to the point, while driving traffic and leads to your blog or website

Focus on topics your ideal prospects need to get results, over what they might want.  For example, for an audience of online marketers, it's a definite that they will need traffic and leads to survive.  Talking about the topic of traffic and leads would be more beneficial to an online marketer to get results in their business quickly, versus a video that covers something like how to create a cute puppy graphic.  So to get more engagement,  with your video marketing strategy, place your focus on the things your ideal prospects must have to be competitive and reach their goals.

A Call to Action.  Your videos should always end by telling your audience what you want them to do.  What do you want prospects to do to take the next step? Will you invite them to visit your website to dig deeper into the subject matter?

Do you want them to join your list, and if so what will they receive when or if that happens?  Don't assume that everyone is on your list. Invite your audience to join your list and give them a reason to want to join it  Whether you have a free piece of value packed content to offer them, like a free course, webinar or value added discount, give your audience a reason to head over to your website to get more information.

Once You've Published Your Video

Once you've published your video, take a look at these tips to extend the reach of your videos, grow your following and help your videos to rank on Google.

  • Run a YouTube ad to your video - You can run an ad on You Tube to show your videos on the side or above the videos of others. There are a number of ways to bid on ad placement to enhance your chances to make sure your ads are seen and intereacted with.
  • Promote your new video to your list - Publish a link to your video or embed it in your newsletter and send it to your email list to get more exposure for your video.  Request that your subscribers read, share and comment on it. 
  • Boost your content by providing continuity. One point of contact should lead to another point of contact. ​So for example, your videos should lead to other related content on your website and to other videos. You videos should be part of your overall strategy to brand and build your business. 

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Imagine creating your dream business and lifestyle, all through a super-simple and super-quick content creation process…that literally only takes a few minutes!

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