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Use Affiliate Marketing to Monetize Your Blog

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Affiliate marketing is a great home based business idea.  It's a way to earn passive income (also known as residual income) that will enable you to stay at home with your kids, supplement or replace an income, leave a job you hate, build your retirement nest egg or all the above. 

Affiliate marketing is a great fit for most people because it basically requires writing great content, placing links and driving traffic to those links.  Another great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can work in an industry or niche that fits your passions and interests.  So take a moment to read this article and get started!  Also, in case you were wondering, this article is an example of affiliate marketing. 

Stop wasting time

This page may contain affiliate links. We recommend brands that we have used and believe in, because we feel they are a good match for the interests of our readers.

Affiliate marketing requires having a blog or a way to write articles and reviews. So if you don't have a blog, this is another great reason to create one.  If you're not convinced about blogging, read our article on why you should have a blog or website.    Blogs provide a platform that you can use to generate income, whether it's through direct sales, network marketing (MLM) or affiliate marketing. 

One of the best ways to generate income is through affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing gives website owners and bloggers (publishers) the opportunity to post advertisements for popular brand's on their site.  They receive a commission when a consumer clicks on the advertisement link and makes a purchase from the advertiser.

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As a website or blog owner, affiliate marketing allows you to get paid to sell products and services for another company. The advertiser will provide you with an affiliate code and many of them will serve up ads and images or badges that you can place on your site.  When your readers click on those links and place an order on the advertiser's website, you receive a commission. The more sales generated from your website, the more you will make. 

While a lot of affiliate programs are free, many of them have criteria that your site will have to meet in order to join.  Nonetheless they are a great way to help the parent (advertiser) company drive traffic to their website, exposing customers to even more potential buying opportunities.  For example, a company that pays a 10% commission if a visitor to your web site clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase on their site, will pay $10 for a $100 purchase. This would be a pay per sale transaction.

What Affiliate Type is Best for Your Brand?

The "best" affiliate marketing program is really an individual decision.  It requires research to determine which options are available and which programs are best the best fit for your brand.  Pay per sale transactions represent only one available method.

There are many other types of affiliate programs including pay per lead, residual income, (also known as recurring commission, recurring income, lifetime commission and lifetime income).  There are also affiliate networks, CPA networks, two tier programs, popups, pop unders, ad networks, and contextual ads.

Here are a Few Brands That Offer Affiliate Programs

Apple iTunes

Network Solutions

Vista Print



Total Life Changes


Click Bank



Resume Planet


SEO PowerSuite


All of these commission structures will provide earnings, but the specific method of making the connection between the consumer and website may be a better fit for your company. The amount you earn depends on how effective you are at converting buyers and the amount of effort you put into working with them. The more targeted traffic you have to your site, the better.  If you're not sure how to get targeted traffic, check out  these titles on Amazon.

Shareasale, Rakuten and GoldenCAN are companies that manage affiliate programs for other companies. Join their site to find numerous affiliate programs that you would never be able to find on your own without a lot of time and effort.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Many popular brands offer affiliate marketing opportunities.  Make sure that the companies you sign up with offer a great experience for your customers. For example, make sure they have great customer service, a good return policy, brand recognition, and quality products/services.  Learn how they compensate affiliates and whether the products/services they offer would be a good fit for your company. If they are a great brand, but their products don't fit your niche, it's probably best to pass on the opportunity.

Another tip for affiliate marketing is to promote products that you actually use or companies that you have had interactions with. If you think a product/company is not above board, don't select their program because of they offer a higher commission. In the long run it will be a headache for you and a reflection on your business to involve yourself with a company that is not above board and fair with customers.

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For example, we are part of the Amazon affiliate program and though we haven't purchased every single product they offer (that would be pretty difficult), we have purchased from them for years, so we're familiar with their policies and customer experience.  We know they have great customer service, product reviews for most every product and a return policy that will allow customers to send items back if they are not what they expected. We feel very comfortable sending our customers to their website to make a purchase. .

Check out our favorite resources and tools for more information on great tools and affiliate programs we use to generate income from multiple income streams. 

Stay tuned for more articles on affiliate marketing and how they work to boost your income.  For a dedicated resource to research affiliate marketing and options, contact us at your convenience.

This page may contain affiliate links. We recommend brands that we have used and believe in, because we feel they are a good match for the interests of our readers.

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