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Starting an Online Business? Learn​ Internet Marketing

​It's true that most online businesses fail ​within a short period of time. In the article "Taking the Pulse of Small Business," an article written by the team at Go Daddy, found that most small businesses are focused on growing, but many are making mistakes with their marketing that could be halting their growth. ​​

​It also showed that 75% of the small business owners surveyed believe that internet marketing is “effective” or “very effective” at attracting new customers. However many people start out with limited knowledge of what it takes to be successful.

​At a basic level, it's hard to ​build a profitable online business without ​connecting with ​​key audiences. Once you connect, you have to get them to take action.  ​Yet so many aspiring business owners start a business without knowing ​how to ​make connections and nurture customer relationships.

​Many underestimate the skills needed to be successful in th​e online ​world.  For example, ​many people make the assumption that because they are a great writers in school or at work, that they will be great when it comes to writing sales copy.  They quickly find that ​there's a difference when it comes to writing ​money making, lead generating sales copy that ​will ​motivate ​an audience to take action.  

​Write better ​blog and social media posts, ad campaigns  and product descriptions with ​​the sales letter workshop ​and ​copywriting course​ ​you'll find ​here.  If you're starting from the beginning, ​look over the affordable insider membership program that will walk you through setting up an online business from the beginn​er level through advanced level training.  

No matter where you're starting from, now is the time to invest in ​online courses that will show you, step by step to recruit team members, ​generate sales and ​build a thriving online business.

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