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Your Home Business Starts with a WordPress.org Blog

A thriving home business starts with a blogging platform and a site that you own.  Your content needs a home, a place that gives you the ability to build your brand, generate leads, and promote your own products and services or those created by someone else.  Without your own site, you're relying on other entities that restrict what you can promote and how you can build your business. 

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​I'm Marvelyn Brown, a mom, grand mom and internet marketer who lives in the Midwest.  I have a background in information technology, technical writing and pharmaceutical quality assurance.  Even before working in information technology, I've been involved in technology related projects from as far back as I can remember.  One of my first jobs was working on the help desk and as a technician, installing hardware and software in offices around a local air force base.  I absolutely loved it.

During my career, I had to travel quite a bit and I had long commutes.  I spent a lot of time away from home, and had to juggle to make my time at home count.  There were never enough hours in the day to get everything done.  I had a little flexibility in my job and I was able to work from home from time to time, but it wasn't enough.  And as a result I always had a desire to work from home.

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A Sense of Gratitude

Those special programs, sporting events and occasions always seemed to fall on the days that I was not in town.  And the idea of having to ask for time off,  became a sore spot for me.  I was asking for permission to attend the things that meant absolutely nothing to the permission giver, but meant everything to me.  

The days I spent on the road were not easy, but they gave me a lot of great skills and experiences that lead me to even more great opportunities.  It also gave me the confidence to do what I'm doing today. 

My blogging career started when I installed my first website.  It was more of a basic four page static online brochure than a website.  As time passed, I added eCommerce and started selling products, and then I added a blog.  Now I have several blogs that allow me to write about my favorite things.

My Light Bulb Moment

It wasn't until I took a course on internet marketing from Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) that the light bulb came on for me.  I started out by reading the Attraction Marketing Formula, and I realized that I didn't need to run down family and friends to buy items from my online business.  I also realized that I could start a successful online business using automated systems versus trying to reach people one by one. I liked what I was learning so much that I became a VIP affiliate.

Even after having websites for years, blogging and earning money online, I realized that I had a lot to learn about making the most of technology and earning online.  Becoming a VIP member of Elite Marketing Pro, enabled me to take most of their online courses and earn a commission from the sale of each product. 

After reading the ebook and taking courses with EMP, I quickly realized that even though I was selling products, I was still leaving money on the table.  I decided the missing piece was that I assumed that my technology and blogging background was enough to get the results I was looking for. 

Knowledge is Key to Your Online Success

I realized early on that lot of the struggles online marketers have is the result of a lack of training.  Most successful people are great at what they do in their primary business.  They have spent a lot of time, energy and resources learning and preparing to be the best that they can be in their area of expertise.

Yet when it comes to creating an online business and when using the tools that can improve their lives dramatically, they are hesitant to invest in training. Or they assume that because they are making a moderate income, they know what they are doing.  Making a moderate amount is not what most people are looking for when they start an online business. They want a lifestyle boost, and a way to consistently supplement, boost, replace or surpass an income from a 9 to 5 job.  Most people want financial independence, not moderate income.

Don't make the assumption (like I did) that you can just transfer your expertise to a blog or website without learning how to sell online.  Keep in mind that you can have the best blog in the world, but if no one sees it, you won't be successful.  Learning to effectively market and promote your business will make the difference between success and mediocrity.

Take a look at the services I provide to online marketers and contact me for a quite.  I work with bloggers, existing entrepreneurs, and aspiring bloggers and business owners who want to launch their dream business.  I also form virtual teams of developers, writers and designers that help with technology related projects on an ad hoc basis.

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