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The Authority Blog Checklist

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  • Setting up Your Blog the Right Way (Page 9)
  • Growing and Monetizing Your Email List
  • The 4 Elements Needed to Create Great Lead Magnets (Page 15)
  • Making an Extra $1000 per Month in the Next 30 Days (Page 6)
  • Positioning Yourself as the "Go-to" Expert, an Authority
  • Creating a Profitable Following Online
  • How to Make Money with Your Blog and Create Job Replacing Income (Page 7)
  • Steps for Creating Engaging Content (Page 19)
  • How to Convert Prospects into Customers
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The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

Here are a few highlights from this FREE eBook:

  • Why Every Salesperson or Business Owner Must Have a Blog (Page 4)
  • 5 Major Reasons to Start Blogging Today (Page 6)
  • How to Write Money Making, Traffic Generating Blog Posts (Page 7)
  • How to Brainstorm Hot Topics for Your Blog Posts (Page 10)
  • Instant Training on How to Build and Monetize Your Web Traffic (Page 12)