A Look Beyond Home Parties and One on One Meetings

home parties, hotel meetings
​​Looking back, I realize that when I joined my network marketing company, I was absorbing a lot of information about a new business model, learning about new products and a new organization. I also had a lot of other things going on, that ​distracted me from giving the business my undivided attenti...
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Are You Getting Ready to Get Ready Or Are You Building a Real Business?

building a real business, home business
​As 2017 comes to an end, I thought it was a great time to reflect on the year.  I watched a video during the past week that really ​​motivated me ​to think about my business wins and ​areas that need improvement.  It points out the differences between those who build a hobby and those who...
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How to Get More Targeted Traffic from Free Classified Sites

targeted traffic, classified sites
As bloggers we are constantly looking for great ways to get more targeted traffic without spending a lot of money on paid advertising.  Organic traffic or traffic that you receive from SEO (without paid advertising) is a gift, especially as more and more pages are added to the internet.  W...
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It’s Time to Revisit and Revamp Your Marketing Plan

marketing plan, marketing road map
​​Are you unsure of how to promote your products and services to potential customers?Maybe you've been ​doing what you thought was the right thing, only to find that it's not working for your business.  If you're frustrated with what you're doing and not getting results, let's take a look at yo...
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Amazon Associates: Work Smarter with Best Sellers and RSS Feeds

amazon associates, rss feeds
​As Amazon Affiliates, you're always looking for ways to improve your content and extend your reach to more people. As bloggers, we know that taking these steps will enable our traffic, readership and sales to grow exponentially.  RSS feeds are the perfect way to share content across the web. I...
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How to Use If This Then That (IFTTT) to Automate Your Home and Business

​If This Then That (IFTTT.com) is a free tool that will help you automate your home, and create seamless integration between ​technology like Alexa with electronics and appliances. It will also help you automate ​communication between your blog and other marketing components.  It helps you cre...
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How the HostGator Affiliate Program Can Boost Your Bottom Line

affiliate program
​Signing up for an affiliate program is a wonderful way to earn passive income from blogging. To implement an affiliate marketing plan, you (the approved publisher) ​will place affiliate links on your blog along with relevant, useful content. Then you drive targeted traffic to your content and track...
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7 Reasons to REALLY Think About the Name You Choose for Your Domain

blogging, blog, build a blog
​Did you know that your domain name can make a big difference in helping people find you on the web?  When starting a blog or website, most people try to come up with names that are clever and catchy.  There is nothing wrong with that, but you should also think of a few other things, like ...
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Installing Your Self Hosted WordPress Blog

blog, blogging, wordpress blog
​​The Best Way to Use This Guide​​Now that you have set up your domain name and web hosting, you're ready to install your blog.  If you haven't set up your domain and hosting, review our 'Start a Blog' pageStart by downloading ​our free guide, Installing Your WordPress Blog for instru...
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How to Rebound When You’ve Lost Your Primary Source of Income

​There are many great reasons to start an online business. Unfortunately, losing a primary source of income is one of the main reasons people ​make this decision.  ​For a variety of reasons, people are being forced to make hard decisions about their financial futures. The plus side to this nega...
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