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Are You Really Confused by Social Media Marketing?

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Do you feel lost when it comes to social media marketing? What does social media success mean to you? If you're a new or occasional user, it can certainly feel like you're spinning your wheels. 

Additionally, it's amazing how using social media to keep up with family and friends can differ from using it for business.  Making the transition between personal and business use can also become a real issue.  In this post you will learn the things you should have in place to win at the social media marketing game.

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Because there is more to social media marketing for business than posting about the family reunion, there are several additional elements needed to make it work.  The road to social media success has to do with planning, assessing, tweaking as needed, staying focused and consistent.  It's good to begin by asking yourself some basic questions that address:

(1) Your perfect customer or audience member

(2) Figuring out where they hang out online

(3) Map out your reasons for using social media

(4) Establishing manageable (SMART) goals, and

(5) Ensuring that you're using the right tools and platforms for your audience

Finding the Right Audience

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One of the biggest social media issues we've seen is when entrepreneurs start a new business. They go from chatting with family and friends to promoting a business. When that happens, friends and family members can become put off if they don't happen to want or need the products the person is selling. 

While entrepreneurs transition from social interactions to business messaging, their friends may drop off and become disinterested.

And they may even avoid the person because they don't want to be pressured into buy products or services they don't want or need.  It can make for an awkward situation for the entrepreneur and their social contacts.

So, the take away is that no one wants to be blasted or spammed with constant messaging about products and services they didn't request. Maybe you've experienced a similar situation with unsolicited advertising messages.  How did that make you feel? If you're like most people, it was annoying.

Realistically speaking, when you build your business presence, you may have more support from strangers.  Of course your mom, close friends and immediate family members will buy from you to be supportive... but after that, you are on your own.  So you will have to come up with a plan to reach the right people to build your business.

Build Much Needed Traffic Using Social Media

One of the most popular business reasons for using social media is it's ability to reach new audiences and generate business building traffic. However without knowing who your perfect customers are, you will have problems matching your marketing message with the right audience.

And you may be surprised to know that your friends and family are not necessarily the right audience for your product.  Additionally they haven't received the right message that helps them make the connection between what you're selling and their immediate needs. 

If you have the expectation that your product/service will appeal to all users, you might want to step back and take a look at who the perfect customer would be for your product. The more you can narrow this down, the better you will be at crafting a message that attracts the right audience.

It seems that many people are hoping to use social media alone to build their business.  For example, we've seen people create a Facebook page or a profile on another platform and that is their only way to communicate with potential customers. 

These business owners use their social media platform to post pictures and other information without establishing a brand or a clear advertising message that stands out and addresses their customers needs.  Read our article on Why Your Business Needs a Blog to learn about the many ways blogging can help your business. 

Take Our Social Media Survey and Receive a Free Planning Session!

I've come up with 9 questions and placed them in an online user questionnaire that will help get you determine where you are today and what you would like to accomplish in the future. You may think of other questions as you are completing the questionnaire, and you should write them down as well.

Once you've answered these questions and determined how well you're doing, it's important that you follow through. Regular website feedback is important to help track your progress over a given period.  If you find that you're not reaching your goals, you should make changes to reach them.

Your social media marketing plan doesn't have to be complex or hard to manage, but it should be realistic and easy to implement. If you have thousands of followers that aren't taking action, they are not helping your business to reach its goals.  Look at areas that you can improve to become even more effective in speaking to the masses and have them answer you back..

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This page may contain sponsored links. We recommend brands that we believe are a good match for the interests of our readers.

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