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Income Generating Activities You Should Do Each Day

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There are so many things that can distract you for your goals. To be successful in business, you have to define, and focus on income generating activities each day to make your business the best it can be.  

There are ​support tasks that you should perform for your business, and bottom line, sales supporting tasks that MUST be done ​if you plan to earn income.  Each business is different, so we can't claim to know which tasks you'll need to perform to make your business thrive. 

​The goal of this article is to discuss some of the things you​ should think about when it comes to running your business.  We hope to give you some ideas on how you can spend your time in a productive way.  The main thing you want to ask at the end of the day is "what ​income generating activities did I ​perform to help me reach my daily income goal of $_______.

​Income Generating Activities and Priorities

The great thing about working from home is that you’re the boss. There’s no one telling you what to do or how to do it. You have no timeline, your commute is cut and you don’t have to worry about what to wear to work.  

On the flipside, it’s all up to you. If you don’t do anything with your business, nothing will happen. To be successful, you have to figure out the daily tasks that will lead to your success.  Your income generating activities and daily tasks will depend on your goals, the nature of your business, the amount of time you have to devote to your business, and your sales goals.

Here are some basic steps you should take each day to turn your dreams into a reality. They are also steps that you will grow and cultivate during the course of running your business to make it grow and thrive.

Don't Start Sleeping In Quite Yet...

I know, you're probably thinking this doesn't sound right... One of the biggest reasons working at home is so attractive is that you can work when you want.  You see titles like The 4 Hour Workweek and pictures of people on the beach, and you're thinking that is what you signed up for. 

While you'll have flexibility working at home, you don't want to get swept up and away by doing nothing or working sporadically.  If you do, it will be reflected in your business.  Once your business is established, running smoothly and earning the income your set out to make, you can automate or even contract out some of your tasks so that you will have more time freedom.  It's easy to get caught up in a false sense of security from one or two good months of income.. You have to keep the momentum going. 

Success didn't happen overnight for 99.9% of the people you see online.  If you read many of their stories, you'll see that they had struggles and challenges that led to their success.  If you're just starting out, your business needs your attention on a daily basis to get you to the place where you're working 4 hours a week.

In fact, you may work more hours in the beginning to reach your goals.  That's why it's important to shorten your learning curve and set things up in a way that will enable you to start earning real income as soon as possible.

Think of it this way... The more you learn and the "smarter" you work ​today, the more likely it will be that you can leave the job you hate and work from the beach or any location.  

If you've been an employee, you have probably given your best efforts to a job designed to create wealth for someone else.  Now that you're working for yourself, don't cut corners when it comes to the effort you're giving your business.

If you're just starting out, think of the things you would do for an outside employer and put in the same amount of time and dedication into working for yourself.  Apply those concepts to your work at home business.

Write down your success criteria, the things that will make you successful in your home business. Start with the way you see your business in the next six months, year and five years.  What milestones do you want to accomplish in that timeframe?

Do you have certain financial goals like putting children through college, improving your home or creating a nest egg for retirement? Maybe you or your spouse would like to stay at home with your children and your home business can allow that to happen.

Your Daily Mode of Operation

The actual activities you'll perform each day will depend on your industry, business model and income goals, however here are some basic areas of focus and tasks you should do on a daily basis to get the most out of your home based business.  Remember, what you do on a daily basis, becomes your reality!

Find ways to manage your day and fill it with income generating activities.  You'll find 5 areas of focus and below it, you'll see the activities.   You will want to adapt these areas to your business and make sure you're addressing them on a daily basis.

1. Daily Planning and Goal Setting - Now that the buck stops with you, it's important that you shift your thinking. Take the leap, stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like a boss.  Take time each day to look at your overall goals, and the daily tasks that will need to happen to accomplish those goals. 

Many people start an online business without goals, making it up as they go.  As a result, their hopes and dreams fall flat.  Hopes, wishes and dreams are just that... ideas in your head. 

They're not realized until they are paired with plans and actions.  Even if you create a plan, and you take no action, it's just an unrealized plan. Focus, plans and actions will bring your dreams to life.  They are what it takes to make a successful home business, no matter what you're selling.

If you need to make a certain dollar amount, list amount of money you want to make each day/week/month. Then determine how many widgets or services would you have to sell to meet that goal.

Next what are the tasks (actions) you will have to perform each day to ensure that you reach the stated dollar amount?

2. Communicate with New and Prospective Customers. Speaking to your customers with useful information on a daily basis, establishes new connections; and for existing customers, it keeps the relationship alive. You want your business (brand) to be front and center in the minds of your customers.   It's important to provide useful information to keep customers and prospects engaged. 

The more you know about your target audience, (prospective customers), the more you will be able to speak their language and address their needs.  If you don't address your customer's needs, you won't make any money.  Without income; in essence, you have no business. There are many smart people with great intentions who have online "businesses", that have never made a dime.

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3. Stay Focused and Eliminate Distractions - When working from home there can be many distractions. Post your work hours in a place where it is accessible to family and let friends know you won't be available during that time.  It's important that you stay focused during your work hours to accomplish everything you set out to do. The phone, if you have small children at home, other family members require your time, and it can cause your business to suffer. 

That’s why it’s very important to have a dedicated space that is peaceful and quiet so that you can focus on the things that will help you grow your business.  Once you determine the time of day that you'll work, guard it with your life.  Make yourself unavailable during that time, the same way you would if you were working for an outside employer. 

Things You Can Do Today:

Turn off the TV in your Workspace

Limit Social Media to Business Only Income Generating Activities

Stick to the Items on Your Daily To Do List​

If Possible Have Someone Designated to
Sit with Small Children While You Work​

Designate someone to answer the door and take deliveries during your working hours

Become Unavailable to Family and Friends

Use Voicemail for Incoming Phone Calls

If You Have an Office, Close the Door

There will be a million things on TV, or on social media that will take your attention away from your business. If you're at home friends and family that are available during the day may want to get together during the time that you should be working.  Avoid these things until you have completed your daily plan.

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4. Personal Development - Invest in yourself! Do something for yourself each day so that you can be your best for your family at home and your business family.  If you can afford it, have a day each week that is designated specifically for you to read a book, watch a video, have a massage, go to networking events, and focus on self improvement. 

You have to be in good overall shape (mind, body, spirit) to make great business decisions and create the work at home lifestyle that will meet your needs. 

If you're not currently in a good place, invest in books, videos and other materials on topics like motivation, fitness, positive thinking, success stories, overcoming adversity, productivity, solving problems and tapping into your creativity.  Personal development is also key to your success. 

Things You Can Do Today:


Have a Spa or Massage Day

Take Breaks During the Workday​

Work with a Business Coach​​

Read Business Books

Invest in Marketing Courses

​Focus on a Hobby

Follow Industry Leaders Online

Network with Those
in Your Industry

Watch Business Related Videos

Attend to your Personal Well-Being

5. Business Management - What is the process used to make widgets or sell whatever it is you're selling? Do you have written procedures for crafting your products and services?  Have you thought about using an affordable online business planning and tracking software program like LivePlan (integrates with Quickbooks) to help with planning and running your business?

Write down the procedures, equipment and supplies needed for each task that goes into creating your product or service.  Writing down procedures will give your business more structure and allow you to figure out what makes sense, where the dots are not connecting and what to eliminate.  You may decide that you don't have the time or desire to perform all the tasks needed to run your home business. It will be much easier to hand a contractor a set of procedures when you're ready to add an outside contractor to your business.

You will have expenses that go along with running your business. Are you devoting time to figuring out how much you're spending? Do you have a written method or software like Quickbooks to track your business expenses? Are you running daily, weekly or monthly reports to get a snapshot of your business from an operations and financial viewpoint? Some of these activities (like paying bills) may only occur once a month, but they should be incorporated into your daily schedule. 

Things You Can Do Today: 

Purchase Supplies and Materials

​Create/Maintain/Tweak Your ​Process

Daily/Weekly Maintenance on
Equipment and Resources

Create a Budget, Perform Bookkeeping and Bill Paying Tasks

Run and Print Weekly Sales and Income Reports ​for Each Income Stream

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To make your dreams as a business owner a reality, find ways to manage your day and fill it with income generating activities. Use these tips to get each day started off right, so that you’re saving and making money every single day.

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