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Dominate Your Niche with Video Marketing

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How many blogs and websites make bold claims, and expect their readers to believe it? The Internet is full of claims about great products, services and business opportunities, When you think of how we buy, it's easy to see that the ones who can "show" you how they do whatever they do, are the ones who earn more money online. Thus the need to give your business a personal touch and show your expertise with video marketing.

The business owners who can back up their claims with visual proof are the ones that are more successful.  Video demonstrations are key to reaching more people and earning more online, even if you're a new business.

In this article you'll learn to sell more of anything using video marketing. Videos help you sell without being pushy or twisting anyone's arm.  Instead videos allow you to create content that attracts people who are looking for your products and services and are ready to buy.

Videos Are a Cost Effective Way to Reach Your Audience

Instead of "talking" in person to people about your products and services, make online video demonstrations.  It's been shown that videos receive a lot more engagement and conversions.  Another great thing about video is that you can place them anywhere, like on your website, in blog posts and in places where your audience hangs out.

They can be viewed at any time and from any place that has an internet connection, from the comfort of your prospect's home.  There's no need to drive to an office, restaurant, party or outside location to receive the information.

video demonstrations

Position yourself to sell 24/7 while you're doing other things.  Structure your business in a place of authority that has a steady stream of engagement and income. 

Make it so that you're not totally dependent on one-on-one interactions for your livelihood.  Take the pressure off and fully enjoy your daily interactions because you know in the background you're still earning, no matter what happens during your in person demonstrations.

If your video demonstrations are optimized for search engines, you will be able to reach a larger audience at once, giving viewers the option to sign up for more information.  This means you'll have the potential to drive more traffic and generate more leads as well in a shorter period of time.

If you do a great job of keeping your videos short, while stating the problem, conveying your solution and expertise, and concluding with a call to action, you will generate a steady stream of traffic that has been pre-qualified before they arrive on your page.  ​What better way to build your business!

View Your Business from Your Customer's Perspective

Step into the shoes of your customers... What would you believe the most, an article that talks about a claim or an article that demonstrates a claim?

When visitors arrive on your website or blog, do you make it easy for them to determine whether your claims are true and you know what you are talking about? Do you provide links to references, give credit for quotes, and videos that demonstrate your products?

The more you make  prospects guess, the smaller the chances are that they will hang around. If you've placed claims on your website or blog, new visitors will be skeptical, unless your company is one that they know and trust. So how do you back up your claims? And what do you do when you're brand new, with no testimonials or solid data to show?

What if you you saw a post from a company that you were totally unfamiliar with that said in one of their posts, “We have 3000 likes on Facebook”. And what if the same post showed you a screenshot of their Facebook page displaying 3000 likes?

Of course the image is more believable because it can't be denied... you basically have proof of what the site is saying. The website provided visitors proof without making them hunt and dig for it. Done and Done.

The goal of each video demonstration is to show that you do great work, you know what you're doing and therefore increase the number of people who take the next step in your sales process. They should not only demonstrate something useful for your customers, but you'll need a way to throw in a plug for your business that makes visitors curious and interested enough to visit your site for more information,

You'll need to know what to say, the perfect video script to make viewers want and "need" what your company has to offer.  Use the free download below for a tried and true formula you can use in each video to encourage viewers to take the next step.  The Simple Video Script Formula is a free download that will help you find the exact words to say during your videos to drive enthusiastic viewers and ready to buy leads to your website.

Another thing you'll need for a successful video demonstration is a great headline. Something that will grab the attention of your readers and pull them in to watching your demonstration in the first place.  You'll want to also use keywords that will help people find your videos when they are searching online. Five Winning Headline Formulas is another free download that will help you craft the perfect headlines for your videos.

Did you know that people scan your headlines before deciding to watch videos, read blog posts or read ads?  That means you only have a few seconds to get your reader's attention.  It also means that headlines are the most important part of any ad copy that you will write or produce for your business.

In thinking about your own experiences, what makes you pick up a newspaper or magazine? If you totally online, what makes you look at one article over another one? For most people, it's usually an interesting picture or headline. 

Both of these eBooks give you formulas you can use to shoot great videos that drive traffic, and write headlines that get results.  Having a formula means that you can use these like the perfect recipe to create business building content for your business.

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I'm New... How Can I Provide Proof?

So you're probably asking, how can I apply this to my blog? The answer is simple. Demonstrate more, talk less. Demonstrate with videos, images, samples and testimonials. Even if you don't have a lot of testimonials, you can still offer proof.  Here’s a few examples:

  • Use Videos and Images - Demonstrate using videos and images of various stages of your work. For example, take a picture of every stage of a task. If you're selling a product, demonstrate how the product is used and how it solved problems and helps with challenges faced by your prospects and existing customers.  Staging videos and images is a great way to demonstrate recipes, product manufacturing, and craft projects.   Another great opportunity to show proof if to walk potential customers through the ordering process.. 
  • Use Screenshots of Your Backoffice - If you claim to have an astronomical amount of web traffic or a certain amount of money that you've made, take a screenshot of your back office, dashboard or PayPal account that proves what you're claiming. Make sure to black out actual names of customers, phone numbers, addresses etc. to protect their privacy.
  • Use Screen Sharing and Video for Demonstrations - Use the video on your cell phone, or install screen sharing software on your computer. These screen shares can be uploaded to You Tube and shared on your blog.  Start doing short online demonstrations of your products, give your prospects tidbits of information that will help them with their challenges, or show users something that will help them use your product or service.
  • Capture Customers Using Your Products and Services. Take pictures and videos of your customers using your products and services. Get ideas from users about different ways of using your products. Gather testimonials from satisfied customers. 
  • Do a Little Name Dropping - Create an image that has the logos of companies where your work has been featured.
  • Use Surveys and Polls - Use quick surveys and polls to receive recent testimonials from your customers. As you complete projects and sales, poll your customers with a three to five question survey that includes how they like the product.  You can place surveys on auto-pilot after a certain number of days using your auto-responder.  Always as customers for permission before using their name and pictures for testimonials and quotes.
  • Give Prospects Items They Can Take Away - Create written product tutorials, infographics and tip sheets that your customers can download and use to learn how your product works and how it can help them resolve issues or pursue their interests.

An important factor when showing proof is to make sure to protect the privacy of your customers. When showing screen shots or data that has customer information, make sure to shield names, phone numbers, addresses and other private information. Show only the information that proves the point you're trying to make.

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In a world where "content is king", you can improve search engine rankings and have a larger impact on new and existing readers with content that show that you are able to do what you say you can do. Additionally, you want to show that you know what you're doing. Demonstrations will show that you not only know what you're doing, but that you're capable of surpassing your customer's expectations.

Improve your search engine rankings and have a larger impact on new and existing readers with content that show that you are able to do what you say you can do.

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