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Using Feedly as Your RSS Readere

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I found Feedly a few months ago when I received the news that Google was retiring Google Reader.  I have been hooked ever since!  Feedly allows users that are in search of the most current content like trending topics, up to the minute news, and current web content a way to quickly organize their favorite blogs, discussion forums and new sites.  And one of the most important benefits of publishing using a blog is that the average static website doesn’t allow you to follow up to date news sites and discussion forums using a feed.

Instead of sitting in front of your computer or on your tablet for hours sifting through for new ideas, trending topics and research, you can grab the feed for that article or blog and place it in Feedly.  Once you are available to read the articles just log into your Feedly account and they will be available on any device that you may be using.

I created this video for anyone who is curious about feeds and how they can be used to organize information.  The video below will give you an overview of Feedly and how to use it to make like easier for a number of applications like blogging, web design or small business research.  If you’re a blogger Feedly is an indispensable tool for ideas and inspiration for your blog posts.

I’ll be writing some additional articles regarding RSS feeds because they are so flexible and they allow you to place clips of information wherever you want in your content.  If you have any questions not answered during the video, please contact me at info@inawordsvcs.com.



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