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Are You Getting Ready to Get Ready Or Are You Building a Real Business?

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​As 2017 comes to an end, I thought it was a great time to reflect on the year.  I watched a video during the past week that really ​​motivated me ​to think about my business wins and ​areas that need improvement.  It points out the differences between those who build a hobby and those who are building a real business.  

​This video motivated me to take a hard look at the past year and create a plan to address those areas that need improvement.  I ​hope you'll watch it and that it will be beneficial to​ you as well.  

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​Are You an Entrepreneur or a Wantrapreneur?

​It's a common problem among business owners. You may "think" you're an entrepreneur, but when you look at ​the number of leads you've acquired, your sales figures and profits for ​2017, what do they tell you? Can you honestly say you're ​building a real business? 

Having a website and/or a product or service to sell, preparing to sell products and services, and wanting to sell products and services does not make you an entrepreneur. 

Actually selling products/services, taking action to build ​and grow the ​​networks and systems that ​enable you to sell products and services, makes you an entrepreneur. 

Take a look at the table below and determine whether you're someone who wants a real business, ​or if you're treating your business ​like a hobby. ​


​Interested in creating a thriving, scalable business model that solves problems for customers. Takes steps to move forward.

Fears failure, but jumps in and follows through anyway.

Is creative and resourceful. Willing to got through the challenges to get to the reward on the other side.

Doesn't see dead ends, just opportunities for growth. Takes lemons and makes lemonade.


​Wants a business and the benefits of having a successful business, but isn't willing to do the work needed to move the business forward. 

Allows fear to stop them from moving forward. Makes excuses.

Not resourceful and willing to dig deeper to figure things out. Wants to be told what to do.

​Checks off boxes before taking action. Stays stuck, unable to preserver and weather the storm.

​Are You Stuck? If So, You Don't Have to Stay That Way

​We all have areas that need improvement, and having a business involves continuous learning and growth.  If you're a "wantrapreneur", it doesn't mean you can't become an entrepreneur.  It means you ​should work toward changing your current actions and mindset ​to results oriented actions and mindsets that will enable you to build a real business that grows and thrives.

I've been on the side of the "wantrapreneur," especially when first starting out. ​After time passed and I ​wasn't making a dime, I realized that I ​needed a change. ​ My business was turning into a waste of my time and resources. 

​​I knew from a previous business that there was ​tremendous potential in ​working online from home. That motivated me to keep going.  ​​​​So I started seeking information and training to help me understand what I was doing wrong.  

​If you're leaning more toward the "wantrapreneur" side of the table, and you're not where you want to be, seek information and training that will help you do a better job of planning and taking action ​in ​2018.  

Do "Something" That Moves Your Business Forward

​​You don't have to make monumental changes overnight. If you've never been successful at selling products and services online, join the club.  You're like the majority of new business owners.  You're even like the majority of online business owners who have been at it for a while.  Most don't have any idea what they are doing. 

The thing that ​can make the difference between successful business owners and not so successful business owners is their willingness to learn about the things they don't understand.

​Realize you're not alone on this journey.  But you have to ​take action to learn about the things you don't understand, if you want to be successful.  ​​

Here are a Few ​Actions You Can ​Take

​​​The Path to Building a Real Business

​According to Wikepedia, entrepreneurs act as managers and oversee the launch and growth of an enterprise.  If you've launched a​n enterprise (business) that isn't growing or making money, ​it's time to change course and make changes ​that will get you on the path to building a real business. 

When I felt that I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, I started seeking information.  I ran across the Attraction Marketing Formula, and after attending the boot camp and reading the book, I felt that I had solid information I could use to build my business.  The next big challenge was implementation.

I saved ​the eBook to my Kindle so that I could ​quickly revisit ​areas ​as needed.  It's become my sales and marketing "go-to" reference.  The biggest thing that it taught me was how to ​put selling and recruiting (I was in a network marketing business) on​ the internet.  

I realized that I no longer had to rely totally on ​home parties, hotel meetings and meeting people face to face in order to earn money.  I discovered that my business could run on autopilot if needed, while I focused on other things..  

The introvert in me loved the idea of setting up systems to build my business.  Because of my background in quality, I could totally relate to the concept of implementing systems.   So I took action. The ​information and tips I found in the Attraction Marketing Formula ​inspired me to ​dig deeper for more ways to build and grow my business. 

So the moral of the story is that as the year comes to an end, take a moment to reflect, ​evaluate and take action.  Make 2018 the best year ever for your business! I hope that you'll look to our blog as a source of information and inspiration as well.

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