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How to Start a Blog

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Step 1: Sign up for a Domain Name and Web Hosting! 

Start a blog in two ​brief steps. You'll find that Installing WordPress is relatively easy, even if you've not techy. It's really like installing software on your home computer or downloading and uploading files from one location to another.  If you are comfortable with installing software and downloading and uploading files, you should have no problems with the installation.  ​

Download ​your free Getting Started with WordPress Guide ​to walk through ​this process.  Check out the ​HostGator special below​ and save with a package deal. Click the orange button below to see a video that walks you through setting ​up your domain and hosting.  

Exclusive Deals on Domains, Web Hosting and Security Certificates

Before we can walk you through setting up your blog, you'll need to ​register your domain name and get a hosting plan.  ​Take advantage of this web exclusive deal on domains, hosting and security certificates.  ​

Click on the orange ​button below to ​​learn about the deal and walk through setting everything set up.

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This Image Describes the Hatchling Plan

When you sign up ​with HostGator for 12 months, you can get your domain name, web hosting and a security certificate that includes:

  • ​Unlimited email addresses 
  • ​Unlimited storage and bandwidth 
  • ​Unlimited subdomains 
  • $100 in credits for Google Adwords and Yahoo/Bing 
  • 24/7/365 live support 
  • Automatic weekly data backups 
  • Hundreds of helpful articles and videos

Keep in mind that domains and security certificates are usually paid on a yearly (annual) basis. The only thing that is different with this deal is that they are discounting all three services (domain, hosting and security certificate) and requiring that you pay annually for your hosting as well to take advantage of this deal. 

Choose One of the Following Savings

  • Hatchling Plan - Pay for your domain and hosting 12 months in advance and save - Get all the benefits described above and pay $2.58 per month for hosting. The pricing on domains vary based on domain availability and the extensions selected. This package does not provide an option to buy a security certificate.
  • Baby Plan - Pay for your domain and hosting 12 months in advance and save - Get all the benefits described above and pay $3.33 per month for hosting. This plan gives you the ability to add a security certificate to your plan at an introductory price of $19.99 per year.  The pricing on domains vary based on domain availability and the extensions selected. 

​We recommend adding a security (SSL) certificate if you're planning to sell products or have visitors fill out forms on your blog.  This package, gives you everything you need to set up your blog and provides the security 'lock' your customers will be looking for when making purchases on your site.

If don't want to pay 12 months in advance, and take advantage of the current package deal described above, the video shows you how to get pricing on monthly plans.  You can also grab one of the Hostgator promotion codes and use them to sign up for a new hosting plan and domain. 

Step 2: Install and Monetize Your Blog 

Once you've set up your ​hosting and domain, ​it's time to install your blog.  ​Read our post, Installing Your WordPress Blog, download your free guide, and watch a brief video that walks you through the installation process.

Once your blog is installed. sign up for ​Energized Blogging, a free mini course. ​​Once you sign up you'll ​receive more free step by step guides, planning worksheets and videos via one information packed email lesson per day for 10 days. 

In this course you'll learn to:

  • ​Install your blog (a 10 minute process)
  • ​Select and install themes and plug ins
  • ​Set up pages, posts, widgets  and menus
  • ​Tips on writing the perfect blog posts
  • ​Learn to quickly earn passive income 
  • and so much more!

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​Resources to Help You Set up Your ​Blog/Website

Free WordPress Themes      
​Items Needed to ​Install Your WordPress Blog:
Items Needed for Your Blog
​Must-Have WordPress Plug-ins for Your Blog
Must Have List of Plug Ins for WordPress

​Hostgator Promotion Codes and Deals

​Click the links below to get curent deals on hosting and domains!

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