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How to Start a Blog in Two Simple Steps

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Start Blogging in Two Simple Steps

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If you've ever ​wondered "How to start a blog", ​or ​"How to I find ​the best hosting companies?", you're in the right place.  We've made it easy for you to learn how to start a blog, by removing the complicated steps. Discover how to become a blogger in two, non-technical simple steps that we will walk you through, set up and installation

Step 1:Set up Your Domain and Hosting

Don't pay full price for hosting, domains and SSL certificates.  Make sure to click the Ultimate Website Builder Bundle image to start setting up your blog.  Then, watch the video that will show you how to start a blog and save money, ​with step by step instructions on setting up your domain, hosting and SSL certificates.  

​​It's a great idea to write down at least three domains you would like to have for your blog.  Your domain is the address (URL) that your audience ​types in their browser to visit your blog.  ​When thinking about your domain, also consider the niche you will target and any rel​ated keywords that could be included in your domain.  For example if you ​selected the "weight loss" niche, think about ​a domain, like http://www.amazingweightloss.com, or something that includes your primary keyword. This will help search engines quickly figure out what your site is about.  Having a few names picked out will help you get through set up quickly and with ease.

​1. Click the Image Below

​The ​image below will take you to the sale page ​shown in the video on the right.  Watch the video ​to set up your domain and hosting.

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2. Then, Watch the Video

Step 2​: Install Your WordPress Site

The second part of learning how to start a blog includes downloading a guide called, ​Installing Your Self Hosted WordPress ​Blog. ​This guide walks you through the installation process. The video on the right works together with the guide to help you install your ​blog. You can also visit our WordPress blog installation page that has step by step instructions as well. 

Once your blog is installed you will officially become a blog owner! Whoo hooo!

But the fun doesn't stop there.  We have put together a course that shows you everything you need to build the look and feel of your blog.  Once you start writing, you'll learn to set your focus on the right things to grow your business and earn from your blog.  To learn about next steps, sign up for step 3. 

Step 3: Optional Free Email Course... Energized Blogging!

Once your blog is installed, continue to the next steps.  Sign up for our ​free email course, Energized BloggingBuild the structure and foundation of your blog with ​themes, plug-ins,​pages, and p​osts.  You'll also learn about generating traffic and leads that will help you convert more visitors into paying customers.  

Next you'll get the inside scoop on how to create great content and write the perfect blog posts.  In addition to all that, you learn the steps you'll need to take to monetize your blog.  We've also published some great resources and bonuses that will help you boost your ​business. 

​Sign up for ​Energized Blogging, a free mini course. ​​Once you sign up you'll ​receive more free step by step guides, planning worksheets and videos via one information packed email lesson per day for 10 days. 

In ​This ​Course ​You'll ​Learn to:

  • ​Select and install themes and plug ins

  • ​Set up pages, posts, widgets and menus​

  • Write search engine and ​sales optimized blog posts
  • ​Generate targeted traffic and qualified leads
  • ​Commonly overlooked ways to build your business 
  • ​​Learn how to start earning from your blog
  • Add additional sources of income
  • and so much more!


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