​Write Your Way to ​​​More Clicks, Likes, and Shares, Even if You Hate Writing

Spend less time ​wondering ​​how to write great copy, while generating more sales, leads and profits!

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​Drive More Traffic ​to Your​ Blog Posts, Ads, Products, Videos and ​​Social Media Content!

​​Winning headlines (titles) ​are the key to more clicks, likes, and shares. ​Use the 5 simple formulas described in this eBook to grab attention, get more interaction and drive traffic to your social media posts, ​blog posts, products, videos and ad campaigns!

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Write Like a Pro and Discover the Hidden Profits in Video Sales Letters!

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​Total Retail Price: $​297

Your Price: $47

What You'll Receive in This 90 Minute ​Workshop: 

* ​Step by step instructions on how to create conversion based video sales letters. 

​* A 25 point sales letter template with fill-in-the-blank headlines, bullet points and everything you need to write amazing video sales letters

* 200 Power Words That Sell guide

* 5 video sales letter swipe files that you can customize to fit your ​business.   ​

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

​Templates, Swipe Files ​& Formulas to Help You Write Sales Letters That Will ​​Turn Your Readers into Buyers

You'll Learn to:

  • ​Create irresistible offers that will ​overcome your prospect's skepticism and objections.
  • ​Position your products and services as the​ solutions ​that potential customers can't live without.  
  • Include the key components every sales letter must have to convert readers into buyers.

​Lets face it, writing is a big part of your business if you're a blogger or an online business owner.  ​

Since your business depends on your ability to write, and outsourcing for quality writing can be quite expensive, it's a good idea to ​learn to create content that sells.  

The good news is that you probably write better than you think. And we have a few shortcuts that will help you create killer sales letters.

At the low ​cost of $47.00, this value packed 90 minute ​workshop will help to make you a better writer, without breaking the bank.  

​Video sales letters ​can help you generate leads and sales, and most importantly they can help you build rapport with your audience.  ​

Using the formulas taught in this ​workshop, you'll learn to create sales letters that don't "seem" like sales letters.  ​

Sales letters, when done well, provide an awesome way to build your business ​without coming across as ​a product pusher. ​​

Use ​the ​information you'll receive in the FREE 5 Winning Headline Formulas eBook (above), paired with this 30 Million Dollar Video Sales Letter Workshop to take the fear and hassle out of writing great content.  Boost your ads, sales copy and emails to illicit a greater response and increase conversions.  

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