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Here are a few resources that we've found useful in building our business. Feel free to use the information below to build your online empire.  We are affiliates for some of these companies, which means that if you use the links found here to make a purchase, we will receive a small commission per sale. It also means that you can use the links here to sign up for these affiliate programs and start earning commissions from multiple streams of income.  Sounds great right?

This page may contain affiliate links. We recommend brands that we have used and believe in, because we feel they are a good match for the interests of our readers.

We will indicate the companies we advertise for so that you know we have an affiliate relationship with them. We only endorse companies and products that we feel are helpful to our customers and readers.  If you use our links and share this page it would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

Products Used in Our Business


We use the WordPress.org blogging platform to create our content. WordPress is so flexible and easy to use (like typing into Microsoft Word) no matter what kind of business you run.  It's a breeze to install with our hosting provider Hostgator. 

Additionally there is so much available to extend the functionality in terms of themes and plug-ins.  If you need some additional tweaks, you won't have a hard time finding a developer who is familiar with the platform.  It's really the gold standard for blogging in our opinion.  If you're interested in building your own WordPress blog or having us install it, take a look at our blog post to set up your own self hosted WordPress blog!

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Hostgator is our web hosting provider and they do an awesome job of keeping our site up and running. They have a number of affordable hosting options and plans for businesses of most budgets and sizes. 

They have 24/7 365 day a week online support and a massive knowledge base that you can use to obtain answers to your business.  We are an affiliate of Hostgator and we would appreciate it if you would use our link if you decide to purchase web hosting services from them.

They also provide domain registration, security certificates, cloud hosting and a number of other business services to keep your online business thriving.

Thrive Content Builder and Landing Pages

We use Thrive Content Builder and Landing Pages because they are the fastest and most intuitive visual editor for WordPress. Easily create drag-and-drop layouts, add buttons and advanced content elements and much more... all in a matter of minutes.

With the landing pages, instantly publish beautiful, conversion optimized and 100% editable opt-in pages, sales pages, webinar registrations pages and countless other landing pages on your site.

email marketing

We use MailChimp as an auto-responder and email marketing program. It has a lot of great templates that we can use for routine, holiday and new customer promotions. Without MailChimp as part of our online arsenal, we would not have our current sales successes. 

When you sign up for the FREE Attraction Marketing Formula Free 10-Day Boot Camp, you'll learn how using tools like MailChimp can be used to place your online business virtually on auto-pilot.

Our Products

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The Blog Transformation Checklist

As you know, what you do on a daily basis adds up to the big picture. If you're posting each day you want each and every post to add up to more sales for your business.  To help you along with generating the right kind of traffic and qualified leads, we created the free Blog Transformation Checklist

This checklist provides the elements you'll need to include in each blog post you create. It's a resource you use ensure that you have everything needed to get your post ranked and indexed appropriately with the search engines.

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Profile Worksheet: Products and Customers

Knowing who you will sell to will enable you to sell more.  This worksheet enables you to define your products and match them with the ideal customers. Knowing as much as possible about your customers will enable you to speak to their problems and spark their interest. If you skip this important step, you may have issues reaching the right audience and making the connection.

Complete this checklist by answering a series of questions that will help you narrow down your perfect customers. 

Work From Home Biz Opportunities

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Elite Marketing Pro - Affiliate Program

We are VIP members (affiliates) of this program and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to run a successful business from home.  Once we became VIP members we not only started earning a commission, but their training helped us make sense of marketing our business online. As we went through the one on one coaching and training, our frustration diminished, and our outlook and business took off in a totally different direction... the right direction.

The membership includes a website builder, webinars, one-on-one training, and step by step instructions on how to build and run your business online, completely automated in many cases.  These training resources teach you to implement systems that will enable you to get more traffic, more leads and sales on virtual autopilot. 

In addition to the membership, they have an entire suite of affordable training products/modules that will help you reach and exceed your online marketing goals. You can purchase these modules individually or join as a VIP member to have access to all the items in their suite.  Here is a link to our review of one of the products/modules called the Attraction Marketing Formula.

Get the Elite Marketing Pro Insider membership for $297.00 and get started! You can make a one-time payment or use the handy installment plan as a budget friendly option.

amazon associates
Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associates program is one of the first ways we began to monetize our website. As you probably know, we are Amazon Associates. When you join an affiliate program you want to make sure it's a good match with your readers. 

When we started with Amazon years ago, we created a book store for our readers, and it grew to be not only a great source of books, it is now a major resource on deals and ways to save with Amazon.

If you're considering becoming an associate, keep in mind that when you start out, it may bring in a small monthly amount, maybe even barely enough to cover the cost of running your blog.  However as you learn more about attraction marketing and how to best promote products you will earn more.

TIP: You'll want to establish a following, as soon as possible to earn from holiday promotions during the last quarter of the year.  Place it on your calendar for next year as well, and start gearing up during the July/August time frame. There will be tons of sales after school starts and the rush will continue on until the new year.

The best part of being in this program is that you learn a lot about affiliate marketing. I would suggest affiliate marketing as a great addition to your marketing portfolio, and Amazon as a great program to join. They are a retail giant, everyone knows them and they have products to match most any niche.  Take a look at our article Use Affiliate Marketing to Monetize Your Blog to learn more about affiliate marketing.

SEO PowerSuite - Affiliate Program

We use SEO PowerSuite to track and monitor our blogs.  These tools enable us to make continuous improvements to our site, that helps our traffic and search engine rankings. They not only have this great set of tools, they offer video training and an affiliate program that pays a commission, that we use to generate income.

SEO PowerSuite has tools designed to help entrepreneurs monitor, analyze and drive traffic to their blog or website.  The SEO tools cover every step of your campaign, from rankings to on-page to backlinks.  With its intuitive user interface and pro-level features, it's a perfect fit for SEO newbies and experts alike.

SEO PowerSuite toolkit includes the following tools that can be downloaded as one archive:

  • Rank Tracker - the keyword research and renkings monitoring tool
  • WebSite Auditor - on-page SEO and content optimization software
  • SEO SpyGlass - backlink finder with the most powerful link quality assessment among backlink tools
  • LinkAssistant - convenient tool for link management and link building

The best part of promoting these tools is that every business owners needs them. If you're not looking at your website numbers, it's something that will help your business with SEO, ranking and monetization.  If your customers can't find you on Google, you're not going to make much money.  

Please read our article Use On Page SEO to Receive More Relevant Traffic. You don't want just any traffic, you want customers and potential customers to visit your site. You want people who are interested in what you have to sell.  Take a look at our article Use Affiliate Marketing to Monetize Your Blog to learn more about affiliate marketing.

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Total Life Changes - Distributor

Total Life Changes is a unique home based business opportunity from it's family atmosphere and philosophy to its generous commission structure that makes you feel like you're in the right place at the right time.  Promoting the products and business opportunities enables independent business owners (IBO's) to gain satisfaction from helping others with weight loss, skin care and beauty products, while reaching their financial goals.

They have a newly revamped website and product line and it's a really exciting time for the company.  For new distributors it's easy to be up and running in a matter of hours, giving you the ability to quickly earn a weekly retail commission from day one. 

Want to learn more? You can take a look at the product line or join us in the business. Either way you will receive quality and services beyond compare. As part of our team, you will learn internet marketing strategies that will enable you to sell more and recruit effortlessly.  Take a look at their newly revamped product line and send us any questions you might have.

Create financial freedom from the comfort of home, whether you're a seasoned sales professional or a beginner.  Review this 5 minute video for a bird's eye view of the opportunity and how it works.

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