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A Simple 3 Step Process Can Help You Reach Your Ideal Prospects

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When you have an online business, connecting with your audience commonly occurs through videos, images and words.  Using the right words, speaking a language your ideal prospects understand, especially in your written content,  is a great way for them to find your content.

​The problem that most online business owners face is ​in knowing who they are selling to.  Many online business owners skip over the process of learning as much as possible about this important group of people.  By doing so, they make their marketing ineffective and basically invisible to their target audience.

As a business owner it's important to place your focus on the right things.  Skipping over the people you desperately need,​ is a misstep. To help you with this process, we've put together ​​a workbook, Jump Start Your Online Business, that will walk you through the process of identifying and connecting with your ideal prospects using a Simple 3 Step Process.

Your ability to receive targeted, organic engagement (traffic, clicks, likes and shares) lies in your ability to create great content that can be found by your ideal prospects using search engine results.  It also relies on your ability to effectively use social media platforms to promote products and services.  The additional factor that makes social media an important way to make a connection, is that several social platforms like YouTube and Pinterest have powerful search engine capabilities of their own.

A great way to connect with the people in your target audience is by learning all you can about them and what they are looking for.  The better you can do this, the more you'll learn to speak their language, learn which platforms provide the best way to reach​ them, and in turn, the more products and services you will sell.

Headlines ​are the Doorway into Your Ideal Prospect's World

Headlines really are like a "doorway" between you and your ideal prospects. Just think about it, headlines are part of every piece of online content you create. They work in much the same way as newspaper headlines in grabbing attention and enticing your readers to take action.

They are also the areas of your content that your ideal prospects will interact with first.  Your prospects "invite" you into their world by clicking on your content.  Once they click or allow you in, you have to deliver with great content or they may never allow you in again.  So your connection with your ideal prospect boils down to the following:

  • Write great headlines, and prospects will open the door and let you in. 
  • Write not so great headlines, and your prospects will ignore you and leave you standing outside. 

Traffic Is Not Only the Key to Your Success, It's the Whole Nine Yards

We hear people talk about the importance of getting this elusive thing called traffic to our blogs and websites.  We know that without traffic, we have no business.  However the actual process of getting free, organic traffic to our site lies not in our ability to push a magic button.  It lies in our ability to make a real life connection with our ideal prospects.  

If you're ignored, no one will know how great you are or how much your company has to offer.  The way to unlock the door and enter the world of your ideal prospect is by taking the time to follow the Simple 3 Step Process outlined in ​our workbook.

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Identifying Your Ideal Prospects

Identifying your ideal prospects will lay the ground floor and provide a great foundation for your online business. The workbook will ask you a series of questions, that will enable you to zero in on the people you want to have as customers.  ​

Describing Your Products and Services

What is the name of your product or service? When providing the name of your product, don't just think of the brand name, think of other common names that your ideal prospects might use when searching for the product. ​

Matching Your Products to the Challenges Faced by Your Ideal Prospects

Once you've identified your ideal prospects and described your products and services, now is the time to match the two.  ​

Answering the questions in the workbook will create a picture that elaborates on helping your ideal prospects.  Answering the questions in the workbook will help you understand exactly what they are looking for and how your products will help them meet their goals.

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A great way to connect with the people in your target audience is by learning all you can about them and what they are looking for.  The better you can do this, the more products and services you will sell.

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