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What’s Your Biggest Marketing Challenge?

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It's a new year and a wonderful time to reflect on your business and how it worked during the past year.  If you've had a lot of activity, it's a great time to look over sales and marketing goals, traffic reports, current procedures, sales data and the products and services you're offering to determine how well you did. 

You may already have a good idea of how well things went, but it's good to look over your data, because it doesn't lie.   If things went well, you're probably feeling confident about 2017 and you're ready to rinse and repeat.  If they didn't go so well, you might be feeling a little nervous and unsure of your next move. 

Create a Marketing Challenge To-Do List and Action Plan

No matter how things went last year, this is the time to regroup and think about how to improve the area that created your biggest marketing challenge in 2016.  Of course, you should make note of those things that didn't work, and stop those practices.  Pick at least one area that didn't work, and decide that you will improve it during the coming year.  There are probably a few things that "kind of" worked that might need a little tweaking, as well to make them work.

Once you have a list of what works best, create plans, processes and systems that will enable you to do more of whatever it is.  Join our Facebook group to find other entrepreneurs that may be having some of the same issues you're having.  Share what has worked, as well as things you've learned even from the things that didn't work.  Share your blog posts, Facebook pages, network with other bloggers and request feedback. 

If you need training, take a look at our self paced online training that will enable you to learn about network marketing.  You can take these courses on any schedule, from any location.  Check our technical services page for help installing blogs, themes, apps and plug-ins. 

Take a Brief Survey

One of the areas we can help with includes creating training and content to help you build a thriving online business.  This survey will help us understand your biggest marketing challenge.  It will help us create content that will help you minimize the number of marketing challenges for the coming year.  All the answers are optional, so you don't have to provide any information that you don't want to. 

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Social Media Tip

Search engines, social media sites and blogs love engagement. The amount of engagement you receive from your pages and posts will be used to provide more exposure for your content.  The engagement factor is used to rank your pages, profiles and blog posts, thus the popularity of sites like Tribepro. Tribepro is not as active anymore, because people have formed their own tribes instead of sharing content from strangers.

Engagement includes liking, sharing and commenting on blog posts and social media.  It's not enough these days to post on your blog alone. You should also have a strategy that includes  participation in communities to receive more traffic, appear in more news feeds and therefore reach more people. 

If you have a blog or Facebook page,  join our Facebook group for a place to share your posts, content and network with other bloggers.  Provide your social media connections and we will like your pages as well.  Let's work together In 2017, to help each other reach more people.  

What’s your biggest marketing challenge? Join our Facebook group to find other entrepreneurs who are going in the same direction as you. Share your blog posts, Facebook pages, network and request feedback. Share what has worked, as well as things you’ve learned even from the things that didn’t work.

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