Copywriting Mastery Course

Write Winning Ads, and Phenomenal Emails and Sales Pages!

Copywriting is Key to Sales and Marketing Success!

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The Copywriter's Guild

Copywriting is defined as the art and science of strategically delivering words (whether written or spoken) that get people to take some form of action.

Here's What You'll Receive:
  • The ability to write phenomenal ads and sales copy for landing pages, autoresponders, up-sells, sales letters, order pages and more, that will motivate readers to quickly take action.
  • Instant access to our step-by-step 7 module multimedia course that will walk you through writing winning ads, capture pages, sales pages and order pages.
  • Multi-million dollar copywriting tips, tricks and shortcuts to make your copy flow faster and hit harder!
  • How to conduct simple A/B split tests: Not only is this simple, but it’s absolutely necessary if you advertise on or offline.
  • Freelance writers, web and graphic designers, use the knowledge gained from this course to get results for your promotions and help your clients as well!

Why Do I Need a Copywriting Course?

copywriting course

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Zero in on your target audience with sales copy that speaks directly to their wants, needs, dreams, hopes and desires.  Create irresistible offers that tap into their desire for your products and services, and the reward will be a never ending supply of traffic, leads and sales. Write copy that grabs the attention and motivates your readers to take swift action.

Learn to quickly improve the way you write sales copy, squeeze (landing) pages, autoresponders, up-sells, order pages and much more. Write purpose driven copy that brings in more sales is a no brainer.  This course Includes bonus material that will help you write with the purpose of conversations and more sales.

While your blog posts may provide helpful, informative guides and advice,  writing sales copy is a little different.  This copywriting course will show you how to not only write for information purposes, but to write sales driven, results oriented copy that appeals to the hearts and minds of your readers.  The course will show you how to select the right words and phrases in a concise format that makes a connection with readers for the purpose of closing the sale.  

You'll also learn how to A/B test your ads to see which ones are better at achieving the results your want. ​ Copywriting and testing are much sought after skills that will enable you to really grow your business by using data and results to rinse and repeat over and over to grow your business and add more streams of income.

Why Pay a Premium for These Services?

Consider how successful your business would become and how empowered you will be as a business owner or service provider, when you can craft your own copy that enables you to maximize sales.   Once you've firmed up your copywriting muscle, you'll likely see improvements in traffic, leads and sales.  Instead of spending more money on paid advertising, you'll be able to focus your efforts on writing copy that sells.  Paid advertising will improve as well, with well written, purpose driven copy.  Improve existing product descriptions and landing pages once you understand how to craft the right messages.

Copywriting skills are as important to your business as any other aspect of online marketing. This copywriting course, priced at $197,00, and well worth every penny.  You can pay a copywriter that much or more for one article.  Sales copy is what makes a great offer stand out from a mediocre one, and that can be the difference between success (sales) and missed opportunities. 

You'll also receive bonus material that will provide even more quality training.  Access several reports, sales funnel monetization techniques and shortcuts that will enable you to quickly earn even more revenue for your business.